Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to My Kingdom

I have been feeling vastly uninspired by pretty much everything lately.  I’m not sure if it’s just a case of the winter blues or if my burned-out-ness (don’t judge me) is rearing its nasty little head.  Either way, I’ve been wanting to write even when I do feel like the Queen of Blahs, and I saw this wonderful post which did, in fact, inspire me.  You should thank this person, though I have no idea who she is.

If I could, I would most definitely take each and every one of you lovely people reading this blog out to coffee.  We could chat about life and where we’re at and laugh and just be together.  I would like that very much.

But since many of you who read this live far far away from the great state of Oregon, here’s what would happen if we could.

We would go to any number of trendy hipster coffee shops downtown, and make small talk as we perused the menu, deciding between coffee or hot chocolate or my signature drink, the chocolate chai.  Maybe we’d decide to share a scone or maybe we’d both agree we didn’t really need it.

We’d gather our drinks and make our way to a quieter table in the back, where after settling in, we could really chat it up.  I’d ask how you’ve been doing, how you’re enjoying things and what you’re looking forward to.  Then I’d tell you that things are just ok in my neck of the woods, that I get kind of lonely sometimes and don’t love my job.

If we were really close, I might confess that in reality, my nights of sleepless anxiety about my job have returned for no known reason, and it’s wreaking a small amount of havoc on my life (is there ever really a small amount of havoc??).  I might tell you that it’s been really hard because we don’t have many friends, and after being so close to so many people in college, we are going through withdrawal like woah.  

But then I’d put a positive spin on it, because I’d hate to leave you feeling sad or sorry for me.  I’d tell you that our finances are going well and we’re hoping to even have enough to escape somewhere for a weekend.  I’d tell you that I’m excited to go visit my sister and meet my new niece next month, and that the weather has been so nice lately, how could I possibly be sad?

No matter what, I’d leave feeling better and glad to know you, and to know you care about my life enough to meet with me (or read my blog, see how I did that??).  I’d thank you just for being my friend and leave with a smile on my face, for sure.  

So thanks, everyone.  And when my life has something exciting enough happen to write about it, I promise you’ll be the first one to know. :)

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