About Me

Why hello!
My name is Kaitlyn, and this is my blog!  I am not so good at these things, so grace is needed.  I am a newlywed who met my husband 500 miles away from my little hometown in Missouri, and then moved exactly 1,799 miles away with him!

We have quite the story together (more on that later perhaps?), and we make very little sense as a couple! BUT we make it work so well that it's ok if you're a little jealous. We also sometimes make it look so hard that it's ok if you start thanking your lucky stars that you're not like us.

Oh, and here is a teeny snapshot of who I am (because who can really explain??)

I love:

The ole’ ball and chain
Reading (Yes, I’m one of those people)
People who still think farts are funny 

I not-so-much love:

Small yippy dogs
Church politics
Student loans
Watching soccer on TV

Thanks for stopping by!