Sunday, November 13, 2011

Confession #2

Friday was dear sir H’s birthday (11/11/11, I know right??).  I wanted to make it extra special for several reasons.  1. It’s his first birthday as a married man. 2. It’s his first birthday away from his family. 3. It’s his first birthday in his favorite state. 4.  I think birthdays are the best invention ever and I love being over-the-top excited about them.

Before I go on, let me tell you a little secret.  It’s not one I’m proud of, but because the first step is admitting I have a problem, I’m taking the leap.

I am sometimes one of those wives.  You all know the ones I am talking about: that horrible stereotypical wife who just lives and breathes simply to nag their husband and make his life miserable.  You had a great day at work? Oh, well that’s funny because you didn’t wash the dishes like I asked you and therefore my whole day was ruined and I will ruin yours as well.  Recognize her now?

I know, I know, you are all shocked.  You thought I was this sweet as honey little housewife who inhales sunshine and exhales rainbows, but I’m not.  And though I joke, I really can’t stand myself at these times.

So here I was on Friday, and I caught myself many times biting my tongue or taking deep breaths to keep myself from saying things that were hurtful, rude, or just plain unnecessary.  I worked so darn hard all day at being uplifting and encouraging and loving toward my spouse, and I think he had a really great day!

Then all weekend, I’ve had this little thought that keeps poking at my brain, begging to be heard. Why in the world can’t it be his birthday every day?  Am I really going to treat him well for one day, and then go back to business as usual?  And most of all, why was it so hard for me just to be nice to the person I love more than I ever thought possible?

So I’m going to add another task to the I-wrote-it-online-so-I-have-to-stick-to-it list. I want to learn to love my hubbity-doo-da better.  Way better.  Like, so much better people will wonder what happened.  I want to speak well of him, to his face and behind his back.  I want him to feel loved and encouraged all the time, not just on his birthday! 

I’m not sure how to go about this exactly, but it’s out there.  Ready, set, GO!


  1. Love the honesty in your confession #2. I'll try and hold you accountable the best way a good friend 100's of miles away can possibly do! I want the same accountability as well. Just trying to love the best way I know how and not let the small things get in the way. It really is amazing how sometimes we end up treating the people we love most, the worst. I mean...what the heckle?? Way to catch that kind of thing early and be persistent about not letting it get any worse..but in fact..a whole lot better. You go girl! Love you...and your "hubbity-doo-da" ;)

  2. Yes, check up on me please! There have been many times when I realized I would never treat my friends or family the way I treat Mitch, but he's so ridiculously important to me! It doesn't make sense, so I want to change it! Thanks for the encouragement. :)