Friday, September 16, 2011

A Toast to Beginnings!

This blog is dedicated to those people.

In my life, God amazingly loves me now, after my 3 billion sins, just as much as he did in my newborn innocence and perfection.

My husband loves me in a truly astonishing way, even through my yelling and nagging and blubbering and indifference.

My family and friends love something in me that I can’t name, but am so grateful for.

This blog is about all of these things, yes, but it is also about my search to love in this way.  Everyone is unlovable at times, revealing the worst of themselves, the least tamed parts, and I want to learn to love the world in these moments.

Need a recap?

This blog will be about:

My savior
My husband
My family
My friends
My search to love the world better

Oh, and there might be some bits in there about how I just graduated, got married, and moved across the country to where I knew exactly 4 people (and counting!).

Join me, won't you?


  1. So excited you took the leap and started your own blog! Can't wait to read it and have one more way to feel incorporated into your life since you've moved! Love you!

  2. First comment YAY! Thanks for reading :)