Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confession #1

Confession: I have no idea what I want.

Exhibit A- last night, even though our budget is no good for this month, the Mr. and I went on an adventure!  Here is how it happened:

Enter the room.  Zoom in on girl laying in bed moaning. Boy finally notices and asks whatever could the problem be?

Girl: “I need chocolate.”

Boy: “Do we have any?”

Girl: “No.”

So it was that we traipsed in the rain across the parking lot to the grocery store across from our apartment.  This should be easy, right?  I wanted chocolate.  The store has chocolate. But in the chocolate aisle which is also the ice cream aisle, I started to think maybe I wanted ice cream? So we spent five minutes looking at ice cream, but nothing sounded good. 

Back to chocolate. I spent another five minutes debating the merits of a bag of chocolate vs. a candy bar.  Finally, we walked out of the store with two bags of chocolate and some ice cream for the boy.  After eating two mini chocolate bars, I decide what I really wanted all along was some ice cream.  I steal boy’s ice cream to satisfy this longing.

Exhibit B- I start my job next week.

This is good.  Really, it is. I know this.

BUT I have gotten quite used to laying around reading blogs and books and emails and facebook stalking everyone I know all day.  A part of me is sad to give this up.

Once I bring home the first paycheck, I think I will be convinced that a job is for the best.

The lesson in all of this, really, is two-fold. First, never live across the street from a grocery store.  Second, find a boy (or girl) who loves you so much they are willing to put up with your nonsense, even when it means spending 15 minutes deciding if what you think you want is what you really want.  Don’t marry them until you’re sure they will do this.

Words from the wise.


  1. I love pretty much everything about this post. The chocolate craving. The chocolate picture. SEEING you and Mitch with you being unable to decide if you'd rather get chocolate or ice cream. The thought of you sitting around Facebook stalking. I miss you...

  2. I was literally almost drooling when I was looking for pictures... you have forever ruined me! I'm emailing you back tonight I hope!