Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Only the Beginning...

To welcome you into this little life of mine, I’d like to share some of the things God has done for the hubster and me since moving to Portland.  (It is a goal of mine to somehow incorporate every nickname for “husband” into this blog.  Ideas are welcome.)

You see, whose-bond (say it aloud!) always told me that he wanted to move to this great city, going so far as telling me he felt called here.  I didn’t feel called anywhere, so along I came.  But even before arriving, I began to see that God really was at work in this decision. 

First thing’s first: a job.  Sadly, money really does make the world go round.  The boy moved out here in May and lived with his grandma while he made searching for a job his full-time job.  He eventually found one, and we felt lucky because they were willing to give him 2 weeks off for a lovely wedding and honeymoon with yours truly.

However, this job was not ideal.  So the search continued, and he went on interviews during his lunch break in hopes of something better. 

Then the big day came.  Well, the big week actually.  He flew to good old Missouri for the wedding, and while we were picking up some of the wedding party, he got an email.  Casually, he said, “Well, I got another job offer.” 

Naturally, I snatched the phone from his unsuspecting hands and began to devour all attachments detailing benefits and pay and such.  Turns out, this job was a $12,000 raise.  I’m sorry, for those who didn’t catch that, let me repeat it.  This job was a $12,000 raise. 

So as not to keep you in suspense for too long, yes, he took that job.  Not only did he take it, he was given much more responsibility (which he somehow thrives on??) and was so much happier.

Needless to say, this was the first of many many blessings to come! I’ll share more in my next post!

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