Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Oops.  I did that thing again where I think of all these great post ideas and then go eat a sandwich or take a nap and never do anything about it.  So instead of working up the motivation to write a whole post about some mind-blowing theme, I'm just going to play a little game of catch-up with you!

First, I do want to share some fun financial news.  Fun is the only word that fully embodies the essence of finances, right?? Wrong.  But this one is pretty jolly: we have finally paid off all the interest on our loans!  So in essence, we are back where we started, which could be really depressing, but not for this gal!  From here on out, all we'll be doing is make progress, and that's pretty darn neat-o.  

Also, a small update about groceries because I told you I would. My savings for March were $83.42 and 29.8%, which is less than February, but we also spent $98 less on groceries overall plus I tried my hand at shopping at more than one store for the first time, so it obviously still counts in the win column.  

So I started a little countdown... 33 days of work left!  That sounds ridiculously do-able until I also tell you that it's 11 1/2 weeks, but I'm ignoring that part and focusing on the 33 thing.  About a month and a half from now, I'll be able to start looking for a new job and relive this and also this whole process over again.  Yippee.  But really, yippee!

What else?  I have been horrible to the dear H lately, I am sorry to say.  Last night, he said something along the lines of, "Why are you snapping at me like a gosh darned sea turtle?" and I sat for a good ten minutes thinking about it, and realized I just really wanted to fight.  Not with him, not at all.  But I wanted to give someone a good spank in the brain with my ferocious words, and he happened to be the only person close enough to practice on.  I took many deep breaths and re-calmed myself, and hopefully I learned that spouses do not make good practice targets.

In better news, I just got back from a wild spring break trip spent with my new baby niece, who is adorable beyond words.  I got sunburned twice and giggled like a schoolgirl about it, and also laid around and marveled at my niece who is so much better than your niece.  I am sorry about that part, but the truth hurts.  I may have cried after leaving her because my sister is one of the most important people in my life, and one of the most important people in her life will never really know me, and if that's not a cause for a good cry, I don't know what is.

Other than that, I spend my days on bended knee asking the good Lord in heaven above to please send some sunshine and maybe not so much rain?  And then to go ahead and send a massive heat wave while He's at it.

What have your recent days been filled with?

P.S.  I pretty much never take naps, so that beginning part was a lie.  Oops again.


  1. You were referencing my penchant for thinking about doing things then taking a nap instead, obvi. And I love Mitch's imagery of a sea turtle, hehe. But I giggled at your brain spanking desire. I totally know what you mean. There are times when I'm just feeling ORNERY and want to verbally slap someone. It's terrible. I don't know any remedies except I feel it's safe to say, try not to take it out on Mitch..
    Also, totally jealous you got a sunburn. Does that make sense? No. But it's been hovering in the 50s here and I just want it to be warm, so I sympathize with your desire for a heat wave.
    Aaand I think it's quite smart you're keeping track of groceries.. I live so close to Jewel that I just run over there when ever I need something and while it's convenient, I know I spend so much more than I need to..

  2. I'm glad you understand my ridiculous desire to just be mean, as horrible as it sounds! And you can't be too jealous of my sunburn, because I'm not getting it where I live, it was only a brief respite (like your Florida trip!) Also, yes. We can walk to the grocery store in 2 minutes or less, and it is dangerous and wonderful!